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We are Jenny and Tony and we are retired English people. We have a touring caravan and we use it much more than most people use their's. We have visited many interesting cities in both the UK and continental Europe.

I am the photographer although Jenny has taken some brilliant shots with her camera which is also a Fuji.

I have a fairly decent Fuji camera and a range of lenses. Both of us shoot in RAW format which means that the files from the camera are large and have to be processed once we get home.

Before the Covid pandemic we visited Spain three times and France many times. We have also visited many places in England, especially since the pandemic started. My main interest is historic buildings, especially the skill of the craftsmen who built them so long ago. I often wonder if the buildings of today will last hundreds of years as their's have. Jenny's interest is in art in many forms so she is very happy wandering around historic chateaux, cathedrals and castles viewing paintings, sculpture, tapestries and furniture.

We are both attracted by rivers, canals and ports so you will find a lot of photos of those in our presentations.

Each page on the site has a link to the Wiki of that location. There may be other links to informative websites and at some stage I will add more information about locations on this site, but first I have to process hundreds of photos that are not on here yet.

I have tried to be systematic about the site. There are six categories of pages and each location is in alphabetic order in it's group. Each page has links to other pages in its group and you can easily return to the home page.

The photo on the right is the crypt of Rochester cathedral. Visit the page here.

I have recently (August 2023) started a YouTube channel. The photos are now in what I call a Photo Tour. That is a series of photos accompanied by music with the occasional voice-over. This site will now be changed to be a source of information and links to websites giving even more information.

I hope you enjoy our efforts. If you like the photo tours, please like and subscribe to our channel. It will help us a great deal to continue our (ad)venture

Rochester crypt