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Banbury is a very ancient English market town in Oxfordshire. Remains of an iron age settlement have been found which date back to about 200 BC. There is still an active and very busy market each week. There are many old and interesting buildings still standing in the town. The parish church in the Horsefair is unique. Of course, the most famous thing about Banbury is the nursery rhyme about the fair lady with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes so she should have music wherever she goes. The statue at Banbury cross is impressive. The cross also has the memorial of the marriage of Princess Victoria to Price Frederick of Prussia. He became King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany.

My two great interests in life are now history and mystery. I enjoy trying to understand allegory too so Banbury was a delight. We enjoyed wonderful weather for our visit and have decided to go back to see more, hopefully once the scaffolding on the medieval house in the market square has been removed.

The statue was cast in bronze and mounted on a plinth of local Hornton stone. The fine lady is depicted as Queen of the May. Hence the crown of flowers in her hair and the casting of flower petals from her raised hand. There are thriteen flowers representing the thirteen months of the ancient year.

The frog represents changes in nature, life and communities.

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Banbury Cross

FineLady of Banbury Dropping petals The flowers represent the 13 months of the ancient year I shall have music wherever I go My horse The frog Explanatory board Banbury Cross Banbury Cross Banbury Cross

The Horsefair and Parish Church

The Horsefair The Horsefair Church tower Church tower Western facade Tombstone Churchyard tree

Old and Interesting Buildings in Banbury

Medieval house Decorative brickwork Ornate shopfront Decorative brickwork Old tavern Old street Cast iron street decoration Shelter Planter Restaurant Restaurant Pub Pub Town hall Town hall

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