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Carcassonne is a fantastic place to visit even if you are only the slightest bit interested in history. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and rightly so. Even though La Cite is an historic monument, it is a working town (Albeit a tourist trap) with people living and working wihin the ancient walls.

We were very lucky on the day of our visit. The weather was fine and warm, but not hot. Purely by chance we found a free parking space not far from the citadel. As you would expect, the charges for the car park near the entrance will bring tears to your eyes.

You should plan to spend at least two days in Carcassonne; One day for the ancient, historical city and a day for the newer one, although that has many old and historic sites as well.

The town gets very busy during the rush hours so it is best to plan your day around that. There are many interesting sights and something not to miss is watching boats pass through the locks of the Canal du Midi. A cool beer on a sunny afternoon watching this is a great pleasure.

I had been to the city several times before but this was Jenny's first visit. She was suitably impressed so I suspect we will re-visit and spend a great deal more time there on our future tours.

As I've written in many other places on the site, I spend a great deal of time planning my routes from one location to another. My first port of call is Google Maps. We travelled from Moissac to Trebes on the RN and D roads and it took us about three hours. It was a lovely day - warm and sunny, but not hot. As usual, I entered my waypoints into Mrs T and she would have done a good job if I hadn't missed a turning. She compensated but we did end up on a very busy road through some built up areas. This doesn't bother me now as much as it used to, but I still get concious of traffic building up behind me when I slow right down for the speed bumps which seem to have become endemic on French village roads.

On this leg we didn't use any Autoroutes at all except the free part on the ring road around Carcassonne.

I was pleased that I had done so much homework on our route when we got to Trebes. I needed to take a sharp left turn on a busy road in a commercial area. Having looked at the street scene in Google maps, I didn't miss it and everything went very smoothly.

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Scenes around ancient fortified Carcassonne

Moat Moat Moat St Ouen Rouen Carcassonne drawbridge Gatehouse Carcassonne towers Carcassonne main street Carcassonne guardian Carcassonne wall Carcassonne wall Rouen spire Archers' tower Carcassonne wall Rouen high altar Carcassonne archers Carcassonne archers Ramparts at Carcassonne Ramparts Rouen angel Ramparts Weapons Weapons Weapons Skulls Carcassonne sundial Carcassonne well Rouen cathedral Biscuits Rouen west door Pavement cafe Rouen cathedral Rouen spire yeti Rouen yeti Gate Gate Gutter St Ouen Rouen Cathedral Carcassonne Tapestry St Ouen Rouen Dog bin Rouen nave Pyrenees Carcassonne Wier Carcassonne river Rouen panelling

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