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Deal castle was built on the orders of King Henry VIII as a new type of castle intended for artillery. It was very innovative in its time. It is intended to defend against artillery as well as provide platorms for large cannon. The castle is one of three which were built between 1538 and 1539 to protect the important anchorage of The Downs and guard the long shingle beaches between Kingsdown and Sandown which would be easy for the French (Who were the main threat at the time) to land a large, well equipped army. Deal is only 26 miles from the French port of Calais. The castles were interlinked with large earthworks which would also be a significant deterrant to a landing.

The castle has had various extensions made to it during the years but was restored to be as much like it was in Tudor times in the 1950's. The captain's residence is in the round central keep of the castle and would have been luxurious in their day.

The moat was not intended to to hold water but to be part of the defences. There are a series of rifle ports near the bottom of the towers all around the castle and which over look the moat. This would have been a death trap to any invader which is probably why it was never tried.

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