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We travelled to Lourdes after leaving the Camping Municipal at Trebes. Because the departmental roads are not the best on this route, we decided to do the whole journey on the autoroutes. This took us northwards to Toulouse then south west to Lourdes. The scenery of the snow topped Pyranees in the bright sunshine was wonderful. It was certainly a good experience and one we hope to repeat.

We stayed at the municipal campsite in Lourdes. This is also an ACSI site and we paid only 12 Euros per night which included electricity. The bollards have the old-fashioned sockets so an adapter is needed. The site is open-plan with no designated pitches but the warden tells you where to park. I was very impressed with the site, especially as we had such a good view of the nearby mountains from our caravan.

Lourdes is an exremely interesting place to visit. I have never seen so many disabled people in one place. There were quite a few beggers, but nowhere near as many as we saw in Barcelona. The ancient castle sited at the top of its cliff is awe inspring but the architecture of the basillica is spectacular.

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BE WARNED!!! The HD images are quite large so if you are using a slow connection, it might be better not to try. If you using a smart phone. The screen size will not do justice to the HD version. I hope you enjoy my photos.

Sights around Lourdes

Lourdes dome Castle at Lourdes Inside of Lourdes dome Lourdes upper basilica Lourdes spires Lourdes spires Walkway to higher basilica Lourdes convent lourdes grotto Touching the grotto Lourdes grotto candles Grotto statue Lourdes grotto Altar Lourdes altar Lourdes pyx Lourdes paintings Lourdes basilica choir Lourdes mosaic Lourdes door Lourdes doorway Lourdes madonna Lourdes statue Lourdes statue Lourdes St Michael Lourdes crucifix Lourdes pilgrims Lourdes crucifix Lourdes crucifix Lourdes crucifix Lourdes sanctuary Lourdes greed Lourdes cardinal Lourdes cardinal Lourdes pilgrims Lourdes pilgrims Lourdes water Lourdes greed St Bernadette house St Bernadette house Lourdes river Lourdes river Lourdes tourist trash Lourdes tourist trash Lourdes tourist trash Lourdes candles Lourdes candles Lourdes candles Lourdes candles

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