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As we were heading for Carcassone from Bordeaux using the Route National (RN) and Departmental (D) roads, I decided to make a stopover at Moissac as otherwise that leg of the trip would be too long. Neither of us had visited the town before and I found a good ACSI site just outside the town and by the River Tarn. It is just as well that I did plan to stay there as the non-toll roads took far longer than I was expecting. Another lesson learnt - the non-toll roads are not always the best option. In addition to them being more taxing to drive over, the surfaces on some of the D roads are not good. In fact, some of them were quite poor. The rash of steep speed bumps that have appeared in almost every French village meant that I had to almost stop at every one so as to not send everything in the caravan onto the floor.

The weather was very good on the trip to Moissac but deteriorated overnight so that we woke to rain. The grass on the site was very thin, but long so I got wet to the knees when doing my morning chores. We had a massive pitch right on the riverbank, as the photos show. The site is very big but apart from from two Dutch caravanners and a Frenchman touring with a bicycle and a tent, we were the only occupants. The site has all of the usual facilities and a few exras like a large swimming pool that was closed whilst we were there. A tip - if you visit, don't use the clothes drying machines. They are a rip-off price and don't work. There are several laundromats in the town centre which are cheaper and do a proper job.

Another tip - if you have a big rig, don't use this site. The entrance is through a tunnel over a bridge with a sharpish bend down a ramp on the site side. My rig is quite long and I had my heart in my mouth when negotiating the ramp. It was OK but I won't do it again unless I have to.

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Scenes around Moissac and the caravan site

Moissac site Caravan site River Tarn Moissac water mill Moissac entrance Moissac ramp Water mill Tarn fishing shack Abandoned caravan Abandoned garden Laverie Blossom Miss Twiggy BBQ Pool Tents for hire Moissac road bridge Tarn bridge Sign of notary Bad parking Moissac castings Moissac castings Cute castings Moissac castings Moissac bikers bar Bike in a bar Moissac wisteria Moissac wood carving

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