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The Placa Catalunya is a very busy place. It is the hub for many tourist buses as well as busses that run throught the Great Barcelona area. It also has a Metro station. It is at the head of the famous Rambla and is a very busy place indeed. Notable for their numbers are pigeons and policemen. I think you will see at least one pigeon in every one of my shots.

The Placa is very big. It has a lot of trees and flower gardens but what is most impressive are the statues and fountains. The statues are protected to a certain degree from the pigeons but their droppings are a plague. I have removed a lot of it from my pictures in Photoshop which took ages. However, the statues are impressive and I can't help wondering why more cities do not have a replica of the Placa Catalunya.

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The statues

Statue Statue Statue Statue Statue Statue Statue Statue Statue Statue Statue

The fountains

Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain Fountain

Other scenes around the square

Bubbles Dancer

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