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Tewkesbury is an ancient market town in Gloucestershire famous for a great battle during the English civil war. It retains many medieval buildings and is a delight to visit.

There is a wonderful story about King Henry VIII's dissolution of the monesteries and Tewkesbury abbey. Knowing the king's methods, the local townspeople declared that the abbey church was their parish church and therefore was saved from the rapacious King's commissioners. The church was saved and still stands for us to enjoy.

The drive from our home in Kent to Gloucestershire was almost all on either duel carriageways or motorways. We had a very smooth trip, even on the M25 (The biggest car park in England).

We stayed at an excellent CL called Malt Lodge at a small place called Hawbridge. It is situated on a bank of the River Severn. The river floods can become so high that the electricity supply sockets are fixed to posts about eight feet from the ground. There are two pubs at Hawbridge, both closed when we were there.

If you are ever in the area, there is an extremely interesting pub on the riverbank at Ashleworth. It is called the Boat Inn. It is very much out of the way and not at all mainstream.

Tewkesbury was about a ten minute drive away to the north east and the City of Gloucester about twenty minutes to the south.

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Views of Tewkesbury

The abbey Tower and tree Abbey tree Sancturary foundations Willow tree Crossing tower Flying butress South porch Memorial plaque Flying buttress High altar High altar Crucifix Coat of arms Chancel Chancel ceiling Nave Nave Chantry Chantry Chantry

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