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As you may already have seen, our site contains hundreds of images. It is an on-line photo album of historic and, we think, interesting places that you may not be able to visit yourself.

All of the photos were taken by me and are subject to copyright. I would be delighted if you use them for a non-profit purpose but I would like to be asked.

I have a fairly decent Fuji camera and a range of lenses. I shoot in RAW format which means that the files from the camera are large and have to be processed.

Every image on the site is in two formats: A high definition file and a thumbnail. It is the latter that you will see on each page.

You can see the high definition picture by clicking on the thumbnail. This will open a "Lightbox" gallery and show the picture that you have clicked/tapped on.

You can then scroll through the other images in the group or tap/click on the X in the top right hand corner to close the gallery. If you have a mouse wheel, you can scroll through the images using that.

Be warned, the high definition files are fairly large. If you are using a mobile with expensive data, you may not want to open the HD pictures. Likewise, if you have a slow connection, you will get frustrated waiting for HD images to load.