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As you may already have seen, our site contains thousands of images. In January 2023 we have started to add video slide shows, some of which contain video footage. It is an on-line photo album of historic and, we think, interesting places that you may not be able to visit yourself.

All of the photos were taken by me and are subject to copyright. I would be delighted if you use them for a non-profit purpose but I would like to be asked.

The controls for watching the videos are the same as you will see on any other site.

The play arrow button is at the bottom left. At bottom right are buttons to control your volume and view full screen.

If you want a better view of a particular picture, stop the video and go into full screen mode.

The ... button leads to a menu.

Be warned, If you have a slow connection, you will get frustrated waiting for slideshows to load.

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