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Our journey from Calais to Rouen was uneventful, but a lesson. I planned to do this leg on toll-free roads apart from a short leg at the start of the autoroute. This takes advantage of the new viaduct and saves several kilometers of narrow road.

Having left the autoroute we were on a single carriageway D road and stuck behind a very large, slow truck. There was no chance to pass him so this leg of our adventure didn't go too well as far as speed was concerned. Things picked up considerably once we rejoined the autoroute where it became free again. To save a few Euros, we took much longer than expected and probably spent the savings on fuel anyway!

Once we got to the outskirts of Rouen I misheard Mrs T and took a wrong turning off the duel carriageway. This meant that we needed to cross the Seine to the south bank in order to go back and get onto the correct route again. This gave us a wonderful view of the city so we determined that we would spend longer than the one day here on our return trip. We did and were thankful for my little error.

At the time of our 2015 European adventure we were living in Plymouth. Jenny hates the sea and ships so instead of crossing to Roscoff we drove to Dover and crossed to Calais. The drive to the East was uneventful and we found Black Horse Caravan Club site easily with the aid of Mrs T (Our TomTom satnav). The staff at Black Horse are very efficient and we were soon set up and settled down to a very pleasant evening.

Our ferry departure time was 10:15 and we got to the ferry terminal in plenty of time. Our departure was delayed because an illegal migrant had been found on the in-coming crossing. Our crossing was smooth, quick and uneventful. We filled up with fuel in a Calais supermarket then made our way to Rouen using mostly toll-free roads.

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Scenes around Rouen and the cathedral

Napoleon statue Rouen great clock Rouen great clock tower Statue near Rouen great clock Rouen spire Rouen spire Rouen spire Rouen spire Weather worn statues Rouen spire Rouen high altar Rouen angel Rouen altar Rouen cardinal Rouen angel Rouen angel Rouen nave Rouen nave Rouen nave Rouen altar Rouen nave Rouen lady chapel Rouen panelling St Ouen Rouen St Ouen Rouen Rouen masons Rouen cathedral Rouen cathedral Rouen cathedral Rouen cathedral west Rouen west door Rouen cathedral Rouen cathedral Rouen cathedral Rouen spire yeti Rouen yeti

The abbey church of St Ouen, a World Heritage building

yeti St Ouen Rouen St Ouen Rouen St Ouen Rouen St Ouen Rouen St Ouen Rouen St Ouen Rouen St Ouen Rouen St Ouen Rouen St Ouen Rouen St Ouen Rouen

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