Stratford on Avon

The River Avon and marinas

The River Avon
This page has photos of the town of Stratford Upon Avon, the town of Shakespeare. As you will see, there are views of the narrow boat marinas on the River Avon, the monument to Shakespeare and the ancient buildings of the town.

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The River Avon and marinas

A quiet mooring The marina The marina Clopton Bridge Bridge The River Avon The signal station and monument The signal station Bridge tolls Boat haven Boat haven The lock gates The lock Boat haven Boat haven Boat haven statue Boat haven water feature

Monument to honour William Shakespeare

Falstaff Falstaff Prince Hal Prince Hal Shapkespeare monument Shapkespeare monument Quotation Hamlet Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth Decoration Plaque

Ancient buildings and scenes around the town

Old inn Old inn Old house Old house Old house Old house Old house Old house Old house Old house Shakespeare Decoration

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