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The castle keep

Rochester is an ancient town on the banks of the River Medway, south east of London. It was the second bishopric established in England after Canterbury. It lies on the route laid down by the Ancient Romans which is known as Watling Street from London to the English Channel ports. Building of the cathedral was commenced in 604 AD. It contains many tombs including that of Bishop Merton, founder of the Oxford college in 1264.

The castle keep is the highest in England. The castle was designed by Bishop Gundulf, who also designed the White Tower, the central keep in the Tower of London. Rochester's keep is the third largest in England after London and Dover. A statue of Gundulf is on the rood screen immediately to the right of the door from the nave to the chancel of Rochester cathedral.

Rochester is linked to many famous people including the author Charles Dickens.It was also home to one of England's Royal dockyards. The yard now has a large and extremely interesting museum and still makes and sells traditional ropes in a building which is a quarter of a mile long!

The Wikipedia page for the castle is here.

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