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Dover is the start and end of so many trips to mainland Europe for many people. This page shows photographs of sights from both the deck of a ferry and from the cliff tops. Even if you are not going to cross to France, the National Trust site of the White Cliffs is well worth the visit if you have the time and the weather is good. I don't think I would like to be up there when a gale is blowing. I have included shots of both Dover and Calais. I was particularly interested to see the large campervan aire at Calais, not that it is of any use to us. It is much larger than I was expecting it to be and the visitors did not seem to be worried about illegals.

Autoroute access is very easy from the port of Calais. The exit was far quicker and easier than I was expecting and certainly very different from the roads out of Roscoff, which is what I have been used to.

If you are thinking of topping up your fuel tank at the big shopping town in Calais, be warned that they have height restriction bars. So low that a campervan or caravan won't pass under them. We parked in an unrestricted carpark at the rear of the centre. Jenny stayed with the caravan whilst I filled up with what was then very cheap diesel indeed.

The shopping centre itself is well worth a visit with a massive array of shops and a huge supermarket.

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Views in and around the ferry port

Dover Clifftop Dover Clifftop White cliffs Dover coal mine Dover national Trust Dover harbour Dover ferries Dover harbour HMS Kent Glass engraving Dover Dover castle Dover castle Dover castle Ferry check-in Check-in Check-in Traffic control Radar tower Dockside Dockside unloading unloading leaving Fuel tanker Breakwater Breakwater Dover Passing ship

The English Channel and entrance to Calais

English Channel English Channel Calais coastline Calais beach Calais Rochester keep Calais anglers Calais harbour

Links to other Towns and country houses

In England Banbury, Charlecote Park, Norfolk Broads
Mainland Europe Moissac, Pont De L'Arche, Pont De L'Arche, Placa Catalunya in Barcelona, Tarragona in Spain

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