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The site at Pont De L'Arche is a hidden treasure. It is a municipal site placed below the town and directly on the bank of the River Eure. It is part of the ACSI network so site fees are very low in the quiet season. An added point of interest is that it is situated where the River Eure joins with the Seine. The site is extremely well run by a warden who understands and speaks more English than he lets on. However bad your French is, try to speak it to him. You will be well rewarded for trying.

We returned agiain in 2016 but slightly later in the year when the blossom had all blown off the trees and the weather was warmer. It was still a beautiful place to be and we enjoyed several visits again to Rouen.

There is a lovely little boulangerie close to the site with a friendly staff who speak no English at all. The bread is superb. The bar opposite is very handy if you fancy a pint. The village itself is quaint and quiet. We didn't find any particular place to visit but the site makes up for all of that.

Rouen is a short drive away and is well worth several days of visiting. We didn't see anywhere near as much as we wanted to and will definitely return

The eglise (Church) is surprisingly large and ornate for such a small town. It is very old and has parts of the ancient castle sited around it. Some of the photos show the remains of the round towers, but you have to look hard.

Not far from the bridge towards Rouen is a Super U supermarket. The price of fuel is very competitive there and the shop provides a good range at very good prices. Larger hypermarkets are not that far away and whilst they offer a wider choice, were not cheaper.

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Scenes around Pont de L'Arche

Our Rig Caravan park Busy business Swans on the Eure Seine Rouen spire River Eure River Seine Willow tree Stone seat River Seine BBQ area Medieval building Pont D church Eglise stonework Gargoyles Extension Pont D Site Blossom trees Blossom trees Dinky caravan Our rig

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